Jonathan D. Hovde

Associate III


Jonathan Hovde joined WJE in 2019 as a metallurgical engineer with more than thirteen years of experience. He has experience in several different industries, with a primary focus on failure analysis. As a metallurgist for a top American steel mill, Mr. Hovde consulted on various steel fabrication and forming projects related to building products, automotive components, and various other manufactured goods. While serving as a contractor for the U.S. Army, he developed detailed knowledge and experience related to mechanical systems within military rotorcraft and their unique metallurgical and materials requirements. As a materials engineer for an independent consulting laboratory, Mr. Hovde has performed failure analysis and consulted on design and process revisions of gas turbine engine components, biomedical implants, and industrial equipment components constructed of various alloys including nickel based super alloys, titanium, and steels. He has examined components fabricated using metal additive manufacturing (MAM) processes and is familiar with the unique challenges that these new materials and processes present.


Failure/Damage Investigations

  • Power Station Compressor Failure - GA: Investigation and failure analysis of a gas turbine power station which suffered a catastrophic failure*
  • Cracking in Specialized Lifting Device - OH: Field examination of a custom lifting device (coil grab) which cracked in service*
  • Hydraulic System Fatigue Failures - SC:  Failure analysis and metallurgical evaluation of cast-iron hydraulic system components*
  • Bolted Connection Failure - NV:  Failure analysis and metallurgical evaluation of structural bolts which failed during construction of a large steel-framed building


Steel Forming and Fabrication

  • Stamping Die Review - AL: Circle grid/forming limit diagram analysis of deep-draw stamping processes*
  • Water Heater Tank Weldability Study - AL:  Development of cleanliness standards, welding process parameters, and quality control inspection*
  • Chipper Blade Heat Treatment Process Review - SC:  Metallurgical evaluation and consultation to control decarburization during heat treatment of woodchipper blades*


Nonferrous Alloy Fabrication

  • Turbine Nozzle Modifications - AZ: Metallurgical consultation and evaluation on substituting a brazing process for a welding process on aircraft engine turbine nozzles made of a cobalt alloy*
  • Pacemaker Electrical Connection Welds - SC:  Metallurgical evaluation of intermetallic spot welds between molybdenum wire and termination points made of nickel and titanium*


Metal Coatings

  • Decorative Plating Defect Investigation - IL: Detailed metallography of recurring defects decorative plating to identify and eliminate their source*
  • Fuel Pump Anodizing Process Startup - SC:  Metallurgical evaluation and consultation on a new anodizing process for fuel pump components*


Metallurgy and Nondestructive Evaluation

  • Copper Hot Shortness - AL:  Development of destructive and nondestructive inspection procedures for latent steelmaking defects*
  • Automated Inspection System Commissioning - AL: Oversight of mechanical construction, development of defect classification databases, user Interface setup, and writing of user’s manual*
  • Heat Exchanger Mockups - SC:  Die-penetrant inspection of nickel alloy heat exchanger test rigs for nuclear power  applications*

*Indicates previous experience


Illinois Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Science, Materials Science and Engineering, 2006