Henry D. Sweat

Associate III


Henry Sweat works on a wide array of projects involving assessment, evaluation, and design related to existing structures.  Mr. Sweat investigates, assesses, and determines the causes of damages on a variety of building types. Furthermore, he has conducted seismic evaluations on numerous buildings and other structures, including several that are historic. Throughout his work, Mr. Sweat performs structural analysis using a wide range of computer modeling techniques.


Structural Analysis/Computer Applications

  • Marchant on the Greenway - Berkeley, CA: Performance-based seismic analysis of massive commercial building
  • Nonductile Concrete Building - San Francisco, CA: Nonlinear analysis and seismic retrofit of historic, nonductile concrete building built in the early 1900s
  • Mixed-Use Buildings - Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Oakland, CA: Investigation and analysis of existing reinforced concrete slabs
  • Commercial Building - Berkeley, CA: Analysis of reinforced concrete slab to accommodate conversion from a typical floor slab to a loading dock



  • Southland Mall - Hayward, CA: Seismic analysis, design, and construction administration for seismic retrofit and tenant improvements of existing shopping mall
  • Manufacturing Plant - India: Seismic assessment and nonlinear analysis of nonductile concrete building
  • Anna Head Buildings E/F - Berkeley, CA: Renovation and seismic retrofit of historic wood‑framed building
  • Apartment Building, Berkeley, CA - Design and construction administration for retrofit of apartment complex per City of Berkeley Soft Story Ordinance


Failure/Damage Investigation

  • Various Wood-Framed Buildings - San Francisco Bay Area: Investigation of reported distress in various residences due to ground movement resulting from expansive soils, water leakage, and landslides
  • Various Truss Failures - San Francisco Bay Area, CA: Analysis, investigation, and repair design of failed trusses
  • Residence - San Francisco Bay Area, CA: Investigation of collapsed retaining wall and adjacent residence; schematic design for repair of retaining wall
  • Balcony Inspections - San Francisco Bay Area: Condition assessments of balconies and guardrails containing steel and wood components, focusing on wood decay


Litigation Consulting

  • High-Rise Building - San Francisco, CA: Investigation of foundation of high-rise building during construction



  • Apartment Complex, Sunnyvale, CA - Design of seismic retrofit and tenant improvements of existing buildings
  • Ramp Design - Multiple Locations: Design of new accessible ramps, often interfacing with existing and historic structures


Instrumentation/Monitoring/Load Testing

  • Various Wood-Framed Buildings - San Francisco, CA: Preconstruction and postconstruction condition assessments of numerous residential buildings
  • Warehouse - Emeryville, CA: Vibration monitoring and condition assessment of existing warehouse during construction of adjacent structure
  • High-Rise Building - San Francisco, CA: Vibration monitoring during construction at adjacent property
Professional Affiliations

Structural Engineers Association of Northern California (SEAONC)


Civil Engineer in CA


University of California, Berkeley
Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, 2014
Master of Engineering, Structural Engineering, 2015