Elizabeth Mullin

Associate II


Elizabeth Mullin joined WJE in 2016 and is a practitioner of performance based design techniques specific to fire protection engineering. She is experienced with multiple computer modeling programs including computational fluid dynamics programs such as Fire Dynamic Simulator (FDS) and timed egress analysis programs such as Pathfinder and uses these to develop performance based design strategies. Ms. Mullin has also applied building enclosure modeling programs including WUFI, THERM, and CONTAM to fire protection design challenges. Additionally, she has prepared construction documents as a skilled draftsperson and modeler proficient in many types of computer-aided design (CAD) software programs, including AutoCAD, Revit, and Bluebeam. Ms. Mullin has participated in multiple fire-safing analyses, fireproofing analyses, fire resistance rated construction analyses, fire and life safety analysis, and enclosure related surveys. She has conducted statistical analysis reviews to determine acceptability of these rated components. Ms. Mullin also has experience reviewing and designing installations of through-penetration fire stops and confirming CPVC material compatibility with fire and smoke sealants.


Fire Protection Engineering

  • 2626 North Lakeview - Chicago, IL: Testing and analysis of through-floor penetration fire stopping for insulated piping within mechanical pipe chases
  • Mid-Rise Building - Albuquerque, NM: Statistical analysis of fire stop installations and review of fire stopping acceptance testing
  • Post Office - Chicago, IL: Gypsum block fireproofing repair design document detailing and construction administration.
  • High-Rise Building - Chicago, IL: Emergency evacuation planning procedures development
  • Belmont Village Senior Living - Dallas, TX: Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) pipe material compatibility analysis


Performance-Based Design

  • Auditorium Egress - Denver, CO: Timed egress comparative analysis modeling using Pathfinder software
  • Trash Chute Evaluation - Chicago, IL: Comparative stack effect analysis of trash chute ventilation using CONTAM software
  • High-Rise - Chicago, IL: Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) fire and tenability modeling
  • Mid-Rise Building- Beachwood, OH: Heat transfer and thermal bridging modeling in THERM software


Building Assessment

  • Evanston Hospital - Evanston, IL: NFPA 101A Hospital Fire Safety Evaluation System (FSES) assessment
  • 600 W. Chicago Avenue - Chicago, IL: Fire and life safety property condition assessment (PCA)
  • North Side Apartment Building - Chicago, IL: Life safety evaluation (LSE)


Building and Fire Code Analysis

  • Original Mount Vernon High School - Alexandria, VA: Building code analysis
  • Traveling Performance Group - Various locations in the USA and Canada: Life safety review and egress calculations
  • Wolf Point East Tower - Chicago, IL: Fire protection  and life safety strategy development and code analysis
  • Illume Park - Dallas, TX: Parking garage amenity deck code analysis and feasibility study


Fire Suppression Systems Design

  • American Airlines Hangar 2 - Chicago, IL: Special hazard fire suppression system modeling using Revit software
  • Burton Barr Library - Phoenix, AZ: Fire protection system document production and detailing
Professional Affiliations

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE), Chicago Chapter officer


Professional Engineer in IL


Illinois Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Science, Architectural Engineering, 2016
Certificate, Engineering Graphics and CAD, 2016
Masters of Architectural Engineering, 2016