David A. Nixon

Senior Specialist


David Nixon joined WJE in 1981 and has since gained extensive experience as well as classroom training in all aspects of field and laboratory testing. Mr. Nixon has provided a variety of testing services on more than two hundred assignments across the United States. Projects include performance testing of curtain wall and window systems, water leakage investigations, measurements and testing associated with flooded and fire damaged buildings, structural integrity testing of parking garages and airport runways, measurement of residual stresses, and significant experience in the performance of condition surveys and quality control work for major structural renovation projects.

Mr. Nixon also participates as a quality assurance auditor for the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute. This involves travel to various domestic and Canadian epoxy-coated reinforcing bar production plants to inspect production quality and procedures. Prior to joining WJE, Mr. Nixon worked as a technician in the fire protection division of Underwriters Laboratories. This experience involved testing and evaluating fire resistance of full-scale floor and roof systems.


Failure Investigation

  • TWA Flight 800 - Long Island, NY: Reassembly of 747 jet as part of failure investigation
  • Rhode Island School District: Investigation of roof collapse at a local middle school


Research and Testing

  • Post-tensioning tendon anchorage testing
  • Plymouth Tube: Measurement of residual stress in manufactured steam lines
  • Halfin Anchors: Masonry wall tie testing


Testing and Instrumentation

  • California Power Cogenerating Plant - Blythe, CA: Measurement of residual stress
  • University of Maryland, Comcast Center: Instrumentation at cracking cantilevered concrete beams
Professional Affiliations

American Concrete Institute 


Oakton Community College
Studies in Laboratory and Field Testing