Caitlin C. Shinehouse

Associate III


Since joining WJE in 2013, Caitlin Shinehouse has worked on a variety of projects, including masonry facade inspections, water intrusion investigations, and structural analysis. As a skilled architectural engineer with well-rounded experience in the field, she has performed numerous condition assessments. Ms. Shinehouse is also experienced in preparing construction documents, designing the repair and rehabilitation of structures, and performing construction administration throughout a project’s duration.

Prior to joining WJE, Ms. Shinehouse studied architectural engineering with a structural focus and spent one year at an architectural/engineering firm in Fairfax, Virginia. During that time, she gained experience in developing construction documents and performing condition assessments of commercial buildings.


Facade Assessment

  • Seaside Sanatorium - Waterford, CT: Investigation and evaluation of structure and enclosure of abandoned complex
  • 46, 52, 56 Hillhouse Avenue - New Haven, CT: Evaluation of building envelope of historic mansions constructed in the mid-1800s
  • Macy’s Herald Square - New York, NY: Evaluation of building envelope to detect defects for NYC DOB facade inspection and safety program
  • Lord & Taylor - New York, NY: Evaluation of building envelope to detect defects for New York City DOB facade inspection and safety program


Concrete Structures

  • New York Aquarium - Coney Island, New York, NY: Evaluation of concrete structure to identify defects


Structural Analysis

  • Nationwide Retailer Chain: Evaluation of welded connections at roof trusses
  • Phillip Johnson Sculpture Gallery - New Canaan, CT: Assessment of existing castellated beam for additional loads imposed by a new skylight system


Construction Troubleshooting

  • University of Connecticut South Campus Dormitories - Storrs, CT: Brick masonry veneer repairs, cast stone replacement, and slate roof replacement
  • Yale University 205 Park Street - New Haven, CT: Brick masonry, cast stone, and slate roof repairs and replacement
  • Yale University Payne Whitney Gymnasium - New Haven, CT: Stone masonry, lead- framed stained glass windows, and metal flat seam roof repairs and replacement


Repair and Rehabilitation

  • 200 First Stamford Place Plaza - Stamford, CT: Design of waterproofing repairs at plaza
  • 993 5th Avenue - New York, NY: Repairs to address damaged terra cotta units
  • Yale University, Battell Chapel - New Haven, CT: Miscellaneous repointing and stone patching to prevent water infiltration
  • Yale University, Branford and Saybrook Colleges - New Haven, CT: Repointing and stone masonry repairs
  • Yale University, Welch Hall - New Haven, CT: Repointing, stone masonry repairs, and slate roof replacement
  • Waterbury Republican-American Tower - Waterbury, CT: Repointing, brick masonry repairs, and structural steel evaluation


Water/Air Leakage Assessment

  • Yale University, Morse and Stiles Colleges - New Haven, CT: Investigation of water leakage at multiple subgrade locations
  • Stratford Library - Stratford, CT: Investigation of water leakage through mass masonry walls at historic room


Roofing and Waterproofing

  • Knights of Columbus - New Haven, CT: Design of modified bitumen roofing system
  • Connecticut Golf Club - Easton, CT: Design of modified bitumen roofing system
  • Yale University, Payne Whitney Gymnasium - New Haven, CT: Uplift testing of roofing system
  • Quinnipiac Law School - North Haven, CT: High voltage integrity testing (HVIT) of single-ply roofing system

LEED Green Associate
Professional Engineer in CT and NC


The Pennsylvania State University
Bachelor of Architectural Engineering, 2012
Master of Architectural Engineering, 2012
Minor in Architectural Studies, 2012