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I n t h e cour s e o f t h e i r wor k
as preeminent problem solvers, the engineers,
architects, and materials scientists of Wiss, Janney,
Elstner Associates, Inc. (WJE), often encounter
incredible photographic opportunities. Whether
in the field or testing laboratory, WJE’s staff has
uncommon access to extraordinary views of the
structures, systems, and construction materials
of the built world.
In 2008, through the establishment of an annual
photography competition, WJE began to formally
encourage its employees to look around for unique
photographic opportunities while on the job. Since
that time, more than five hundred images have been
submitted to the firm’s contest. The competition
has only two guidelines. First, the photos must be
extraordinary shots that are artistic and relate to
the built world. Second, the photos must be taken
during the course of WJE project work.
In this book, we celebrate the awareness, creativity,
and talent of WJE’s employees by sharing with you
the best of
The WJE Perspective