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Columbia University
Fac ade Inspec t i ons and Roof As ses sment s
Columbia University is one of the largest property owners on New York City’s Upper West Side. Its extensive portfolio of properties includes a variety of
institutional structures on the main campus and more than 170 residential and commercial properties in the surrounding neighborhoods. Following the
successful investigation and repair of Bard Haven Towers, Columbia’s Office of Institutional Real Estate retainedWJE to provide investigation, repair, and
preservation services for many other structures. To date, WJE has worked on more than sixty buildings at Columbia.
WJE’s ability to deliver a broad range of capabilities and adeptness in simultaneously managing multiple short- and long-term projects are
critical to meeting the university’s diverse needs. This project exemplifies WJE’s ability to mobilize staff from several offices to complete complex
and challenging projects.
Notes of Interest
• The Office of Institutional Real Estate manages all of the
university’s off-campus properties. Columbia University
owns and directly manages approximately 6,000 residential
units in 168 buildings, which are primarily used to house
faculty, staff, and students.
• The main campus of Columbia University was designed
by McKim, Mead &White in 1894. It occupies an area of
thirty-two acres, covering six blocks of Manhattan.
• A number of movies have been filmed at Columbia,
including Ghostbusters, The Graduate, Malcolm X, Eternal
Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Spider-Man.
• Columbia University’s alumni roster includes two U.S.
presidents, six Supreme Court justices, and thirty-seven
Nobel Prize winners.
WJE 50 Years