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Jacob K. Javits
Convention Center
Space Frame Roof Ana l ys i s and Tes t i ng
Designed by James Ingo Freed of Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, the 1.6 million square foot Jacob K. Javits Convention Center is covered by a unique
space frame roof. Given the unusual nature of the space frame, the owner engagedWJE to conduct peer reviews and independent computer analyses of
the roof structure. WJE later designed and installed a sophisticated structural monitoring system to verify that the structure was behaving as predicted.
The lessons learned in developing the system were later employed on a variety of structural monitoring projects.
The review of the space truss roof framing incorporated a wide range of expertise and required collaboration between three WJE offices:
Princeton, San Francisco, and Northbrook. The project also required the development of a large, complex computer model that predated the use
of graphics to view analytical results.
Notes of Interest
• The Javits Convention Center is one of the world’s largest,
most technically advanced exposition halls. It is easily
recognized by its thousands of glass cubes that mirror the
New York City skyline. Encompassing more than 575,000
square feet and one hundred meeting rooms, it can
accommodate six events simultaneously.
• The center’s south end is distinguished by a spectacular
150-foot-high lobby, known as “The Crystal Palace.”
• In 2006, construction began on phase one of the Jacob K.
Javits Convention Center Expansion and Modernization
Plan. The expansion will more than double the size of the
convention center, allowing the city to host some of the
largest and most lucrative conventions, exhibitions, trade
shows, and events in the country.
• The convention center is named after former New York
Senator Jacob K. Javits.
WJE 50 Years