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Wood Truss Investigations
Inspec t i ons and Repa i r s
WJE’s significant involvement with defective wood trusses began with a $400 investigation of a structural deficiency in a plate-connected joint of a
wood truss in a Chicago restaurant. Following that first inspection, WJE literally wrote the book on how to inspect and repair plate-connected wood
trusses. Within a few hours at each location, WJE investigators determine as-built conditions, conduct a structural review, inspect the trusses, and
specify the needed repairs. Since that initial investigation, WJE has conducted more than 2,500 roof truss investigations.
The investigation and repair procedures developed by WJE have improved the structural integrity of the roof systems at thousands of
commercial buildings. The lessons learned have been shared with the industry, resulting in greater attention to quality control in the
manufacturing of wood trusses. More than one hundred WJE engineers and architects have worked on these investigations and have crawled
through tight attic spaces in search of defective roof trusses.
Notes of Interest
• SinceWJE’s first assignment for this client in 1981,
WJE has billed over $7 million dollars in fees for work on
more than 2,500 structures.
• Of all the inspections performed, two current WJE
employees have performed more than 150 inspections:
Joe Toniolo (250) and Kevin Kalata (175).
• The truss inspection project has been a difficult job
because of the extreme access conditions that roof
trusses can create. Project Manager Rich Kristie put it
all in perspective: “We’re in business to solve structural
problems—if this is where we have to go to do it,
we do it.”
WJE 50 Years