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The Seattle, Washington, and Chicago,
Illinois, branch offices opened.
WJE became an employee-owned company.
The Washington, D.C., branch office opened.
The firm held its first company-wide conference.
WJE had 200 employees and billings of more
than $20 million per year.
The Atlanta, Georgia, branch office opened;
the WJE Difficult Access Team performed
its first facade inspection using rappelling
The space shuttle Challenger exploded
during launch on January 28, 1986.
On October 19, 1987, “Black Monday,”
the stock market dropped 22 percent.
The first transatlantic fiber-optic
cable was installed.
George H. W. Bush was elected
forty-first president of the United States.
Fall of the Berlin Wall.
In May, one million people—many of them
Chinese students—protested in Beijing’s
Tiananmen Square.
General Colin Powell became the first African
American to chair the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
The Americans with Disabilities Act
was signed into law.