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Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates gratefully acknowledges the contributions of the many
employees over the past fifty years who made possible the remarkable accomplishments
documented in this monograph. In addition, our thanks go to those who provided nominations
for the 50 Most Significant Projects competition, and to the members of the panel who
evaluated the nominations. And finally, WJE appreciates the efforts of those who participated
most directly in the development of this publication: Gary Klein, project direction; JamieWild,
John Reins, Deborah Slaton, and Lauren Van Damme, writing and editing; Penny Sympson,
research; Heather Garrard and Monika Glockner, coordination; Marilyn Kearns Davis and
Sue Klein, graphic design; and Barry Weiss, printing coordination.
WJE 50 Years