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Photo Ident i f i c at i on
(page 5)
Metropolitan Museum of Art,
New York, New York; Jefferson Davis Monument,
Fairview, Kentucky; Wisconsin State Capitol,
Madison, Wisconsin
Wrigley Field, Chicago, Illinois
Jesse H. Jones Hall for the Performing
Arts, Houston, Texas; Koror-Babeldaob Bridge,
Koror, Republic of Palau; Bank of America,
San Francisco, California; Bluff ’s Edge Bridge,
Lake Forest, Illinois
Chapter 1
(page 9)
Artist’s rendering of newWJE headquarters
in Northbrook, Illinois, circa 1966
Model of O’Hare International
Airport elevated road wishbone support,
Chicago, Illinois
Early laboratory equipment,
Northbrook, Illinois; Soldier Field,
Chicago, Illinois; Jack Janney’s basement,
Glenview, Illinois
Chapter 2
(page 33)
WJE Corporate Headquarters, Northbrook,
Illinois; Jack Janney, Dick Elstner, John Hanson,
and Jack Wiss, Northbrook, Illinois
Model of American Airlines Hangar,
California; Bob Hanson performing tests in the
Northbrook laboratory circa 1980
Roof collapse in Chicago (Blizzard
of 1979); USG logo; Gene Perrine performing
a roof condition survey circa 1975; Woolworth
Building, New York, New York
Chapter 3
(page 57)
WJE Officers (Jerry Stockbridge,
Fred Metz, Rich Miller, Don Pfeifer, Ian Chin,
Bill Hime, and John Hanson), circa 1990;
Cline Avenue Bridge collapse, 1982; damage
from the Loma Prieta Earthquake, 1989
Barbara Shelley using the universal
test machine in the main laboratory, Northbrook,
Illinois, 1981
Michael Bresler performing a DAT
inspection, circa 2001; cyclic tension and
compression loading in the main laboratory,
Northbrook, Illinois; Lincoln Center for
the Performing Arts, New York, New York;
Westmoreland County Courthouse,
Greensburg, Pennsylvania
Chapter 4
(page 87)
Fox Plaza, Los Angeles, California;
Holy Family Church, Chicago, Illinois; damage
from Hurricane Katrina, Gulf Coast; WJE
Difficult Access Team training session, 2004
State Route 69 Bridge, Clifton, Tennessee;
Husky Stadium, Seattle, Washington
Kim Beasley at Ground Zero,
New York, New York, 2001; Neal Anderson,
Joe Zachorowski, and Don Meinheit in the
Northbrook laboratory, circa 2000; Gary Klein
at theWorld Trade Center, New York, New York,
2001; Buffalo and Erie County Conservatory,
Buffalo, New York
Chapter 5
(page 125)
Congregation Sherith Israel, San Francisco,
California; Perry’s Victory and International Peace
Memorial, Put-in-Bay, South Bass Island, Ohio;
Leonard P. Zakim Memorial Bridge, Boston,
Una Gilmartin using a spotter
scope for visual survey at Perry’s Victory
and International Peace Memorial
New York Public Library, New York,
New York; New York Public Library, New York,
New York; map of the Central Artery/Tunnel,
Boston, Massachusetts
WJE 50 Years