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Seattle Kingdome
Roof Inves t i gat i on/Renovat i on
On July 19, 1994, just prior to a Seattle Mariners baseball game, several acoustical ceiling panels fell to empty seats below, prompting the closing of
the Kingdome. WJE was immediately engaged to investigate the causes of the failure. The investigative findings led to round-the-clock restoration of the
domed roof structure, including structural repairs, installation of a new roofing system, and replacement of the interior acoustical ceiling. WJE was on
site from just hours after the failure through completion of the repair work.
This high profile assignment showcased coordination among multiple WJE offices and technical disciplines to complete a complex project in
just 108 days. The new roofing and ceiling acoustical system provided greater durability and increased the energy conservation properties of the
stadium. The American League Division Series was played there during the next baseball season, but after only five more years, the
Kingdome was demolished to make way for a new stadium.
Notes of Interest
• On May 2, 1996, in an event completely unrelated
to the falling tiles, the Mariners became only the second
baseball team in the history of the league to suspend
a game because of an earthquake.
• The Seahawks played their final game in the Kingdome
in January 2000.
• The stadium was demolished by implosion on
March 26, 2000, in the first live event ever covered
by ESPN Classic, setting a world record for the largest
implosion of a concrete building.
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