WJE's Difficult Access Team (DAT) is often called upon to provide access to hard-to-reach locations on buildings and other structures. Employing established industrial rope access techniques, DAT members perform close-up visual inspections, material sampling, and nondestructive testing. The DAT enables WJE to place licensed professionals, architects, and engineers experienced in evaluating the problem at hand within arm’s length of the work.

Buildings, bridges, and other structures may require inspections periodically or in an emergency situation. Typically, these inspections involve the use of traditional forms of access equipment such as suspended scaffolding, supported scaffolding, aerial lifts, or crane suspended platforms. However, in some situations, these methods are either impractical or inadequate as means of gaining access to the work.

WJE’s rope access team offers a safe and effective solution to the limitations of traditional access methods. Additionally, the DAT can often be deployed in a shorter period of time than other methods, allowing WJE to quickly respond to issues.

  • Access to hard-to-reach locations
  • Visual inspections and condition surveys
  • Materials sampling and nondestructive testing