Clients seeking to create lasting structures rely on WJE architects, engineers, and materials scientists to provide unique insight into building and materials performance issues. Based on extensive experience with new construction and the lessons learned from thousands of previous hands-on investigations of building problems and failures, WJE professionals are well equipped to evaluate the ability of a design to meet or exceed the expectations of an Owner or end-user relative to durability and performance in any geographic region or climate—all factors that can significantly influence both initial cost and total cost of ownership.

WJE represents the client’s interests by working collaboratively alongside the design and construction teams to ensure that established objectives for long-term durability, serviceability, and performance are maintained throughout the Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Document phases of the design process. During the Pre-Construction and Construction phases of the project, WJE will continue to work closely with the Owner and its design and construction teams to further develop and refine the design, then coordinate and provide technical oversight during pre-construction laboratory and field testing to both validate the design and allow the contractor to verify constructability and the appropriate sequencing of the work necessary to deliver fully integrated building performance.
  • Building enclosure commissioning
  • Value engineering
  • Code compliance review
  • Materials testing
  • Preconstruction mock-up testing
  • On-site monitoring and testing
  • Construction troubleshooting