Panama City, Panama
Nondestructive Evaluation
Franktown, CO
Historic Restoration and Structural Repair
Minneapolis, MN
Structural Investigation and Collapse Investigation
New Orleans, LA
Structural Performance Assessment and Damage Documentation
Addison, IL
Mechanical and Adhesive Anchor Testing for Building Code Approval
Los Angeles, CA
Assessment and Rehabilitation Design
Chicago, IL
Distressed Marble Panel Investigation and Granite Reclad Design
San Francisco, CA
Seismic Assessment and Strengthening
New York, NY
Terra Cotta and Masonry Facade Restoration
New York, NY
Ongoing Investigations and Repairs
Newport, RI
Historic Preservation of Mahan and Pringle Halls
Madison, WI
Building Enclosure Commissioning
San Francisco, CA
Structural Stabilization and Seismic Upgrade
Boston, MA
Stem-to-Stern Safety Review
St. Paul, MN
Comprehensive Facade Inspection and Marble Assessment
Boston, MA
Building Enclosure Consulting Services
Ft. Worth, TX
Building Enclosure Commissioning
Asheville, NC
Clay Tile Roof Replacement
Philadelphia, PA
Exterior Envelope Repairs
Minneapolis, MN
Facade Condition Assessment
Memphis, TN
Condition Assessment of Building Facade
Chicago, IL
Technical Consulting and Structural Engineering Design Services
Chicago, IL
Facade Restoration, Historic Preservation, and Adaptive Reuse
West Long Branch, NJ
Investigation of Storm Damage Claims
Lancaster, CA
Stabilization and Historic Preservation Services
New York, NY
Waterproofing Consulting
Dallas, TX
Construction Observation and Water Testing
Minneapolis, MN
Condition Assessment
Honolulu, HI
Property Condition Assessment
Glendale, AZ
Instrumentation and Monitoring of Super Trusses
Seattle, WA
Various Consulting Services
Chicago, IL
Repair and Rehabilitation
San Francisco, CA
Seismic Assessment and Strengthening
Washington, DC
Post-Earthquake Assessment and Stabilization and Repair Design