Structural Engineering
Panama City, Panama
Nondestructive Evaluation
Tonopah, AZ
Water Reclamation Facility Condition Assessment and Repair Design
Rapid City Region, SD
Inventory Inspection of Lighting and Signal Poles
New Orleans, LA
Structural Performance Assessment and Damage Documentation
Long Island, NY
Aircraft Reconstruction
Minneapolis, MN
Structural Investigation and Collapse Investigation
Notre Dame, IN
Catwalk Inspection and Analysis
Washington, DC
Earthquake Damage Assessment and Repair
Architecture & Architectural Engineering
Boston, MA
Building Enclosure Consulting Services
Dallas, TX
Construction Observation and Water Testing
Madison, WI
Building Enclosure Commissioning
Various Locations
Airtightness Testing of Mid- and High-Rise Non-Residential Buildings
St. Louis, MO
Facade Study
St. Louis, MO
Vibration Monitoring and Air Barrier Consulting
New York, NY
Condition Assessment of the Seventy-Seventh Street Facades
St. Paul, MN
Comprehensive Facade Inspection and Marble Assessment
Chicago, IL
Facade Restoration, Historic Preservation, and Adaptive Reuse
Austin, TX
Waterproofing, Stone Paving, and Concrete Structural Renovation
Minneapolis, MN
Icicle Formation Investigation
New York, NY
Waterproofing Consulting
Materials Science
San Francisco, CA
Structural Stabilization and Seismic Upgrade
Chicago, IL
Structural Investigation and Repair Recommendations
St Louis, MO
Corrosion Investigation and Historic Structure Report
Assessment of Synthetic Gypsum Produced at a Coal-Fired Power Plant
Sylmar, CA
Assessment and Testing of Fire-Damaged Concrete
Chicago, IL
Corrosion Mitigation Testing for Historic Concrete Elements
Addison, IL
Mechanical and Adhesive Anchor Testing for Building Code Approval
Statewide, CA
Investigation of Early-Age Cracking of Concrete Bridge Decks
Philadelphia, PA
Development of Bridge Management and Inspection System
Plano, IL
Preservation Services
Eugene, OR
Condition Survey, Leakage and Corrosion Investigation, and Repairs
Providence, RI
Leak Investigation and Temperature Monitoring
Chicago, IL
Structural Peer Review and Construction-Phase Services
Buxton, NC
Preservation Consultant and Instrumentation Engineering
Salem, OR
Investigation of Damage Claims
McLean, VA
Study of FRP Strengthening Methods for Box Beams
Oahu, HI
Post-tensioning Inspection and Appraisal
Seattle, WA
Various Consulting Services
Detroit, MI
Roof and Facade Improvements
Dallas, TX
Building Enclosure Consulting
Dallas, TX
Construction Observation and Water Testing
Arlington, TX
Peer Review and Construction Observation Services
Houston, TX
Peer Review, Testing, and Construction Observations
Los Angeles, CA
Assessment and Rehabilitation Design
San Antonio, TX
Exterior Restoration
Chicago, IL
Dome Repairs
Litigation Consulting
Foxborough, MA
Structural Testing and Construction Issue Consulting
Chicago, IL
Swing Stage Collapse Investigation
Summerland, CA
Leakage Investigation