CTF Hotel Holdings, Inc.


The Renaissance Cleveland Hotel, originally known as the Hotel Cleveland, was designed by Graham, Burnham & Company and completed in 1918. The exterior walls of the fifteen-story guest tower consist primarily of glazed face brick with a common brick and structural clay tile backup. Granite panels clad the base of the building. Architectural terra cotta adorns the roof cornice, multiple belt courses, the fourth floor balustrade, and the window openings.


WJE initially performed a visual and close-range inspection of the building revealing that the masonry cracking at the decorative terra cotta cornices and windows was related to corrosion of mild steel anchors and adjacent framing while the distressed masonry at floor lines and building corners was related to under-accommodated movement provisions. With this understanding, WJE prioritized the necessary repairs and developed a phased restoration plan which has spanned over several years to meet the owner's budget. Along with the repair, WJE has integrated an annual facade stabilization program consisting of inspection and stabilization of the unrepaired areas of the facade using a combination of netting, stainless steel strapping, and restoration anchors. In 2012, WJE completed Phase VI which was focused on restoring the east facade. Previous phases entailed reconstructing the terra cotta of the main cornice and balustrades, masonry repairs at building corners, and courtyard and canopy roof replacement. Through implementation of this phased approach, the elements of the facade in the most critical condition have been addressed first while less critical elements have been stabilized, monitored, and are being repaired.