HDR, Inc.


The East Carolina Heart Institute is a state-of-the-art, six-story, 375,000-squre-foot inpatient care facility located on the Pitt County Memorial Hospital campus in Greenville, North Carolina. The exterior wall system for the facility consists of a combination of brick masonry veneer, aluminum-framed glass curtain wall, punched aluminum-framed windows, and metal panels. The below grade waterproofing for the facility consists of hot rubberized asphalt, and the roof assembly consists of a modified bitumen system.


WJE peer reviewed the building envelope design to identify and help resolve potential water leakage problems and cladding integration issues during construction. During the design phase, WJE provided recommendations to address air/water infiltration pathways and to assist in the selection of durable materials and systems. WJE also produced vapor drive analyses to help optimize the building envelope design in relation to insulation and vapor retarder type and location; provided construction period services, including review of cladding shop drawings; reviewed the on-site mock-up wall panel; performed quality assurance water penetration testing; offered full time on-site observation of the below grade waterproofing system installation; and conducted periodic on-site observation of the remaining building envelop work to provide a measure of confidence that the as-built construction properly reflected the general recommendations.